A successful TechxFest 2023 for Acres Engineering

6th October 2023


Last week, Acres Engineering alongside 100 other companies exhibited at TechxFest inside Derby Arena.

TechxFest introduces a fresh careers event aimed at inspiring the next wave of technicians. Throughout the event, up to 2000 Year 9 and 10 children from the Midlands had the opportunity to explore what the future looks like as a technician.

After, just celebrating National Manufacturing Day, TechxFest was a great experience for us to further inspire the next generation of engineers. At our station, students engaged in a STEM task to assemble a miniature version of our Stronghold Trestle under the pressure of a timed challenge.

A group of people at a table assembling miniature trestles A young person holding a miniature trestle A young cadet building a miniature trestle A-frame

During the event, we also had the opportunity to network with industry giants like Rolls Royce, Siemens, and Bentley. Not only does this enable us to expand our relationships but, allows us to foster valuable insights into industry dynamics.

A people inside a convertible car A man holding a selfie banner sign A group of people posing for a photo

Career events expose young people to a wide range of different industries, roles, and career paths they may not have considered before. They allow students to interact with employers who can provide significant information about educational requirements, job responsibilities and the skills needed for various careers. We believe that by participating in such events, we not only contribute to the growth of our industry but also help shape the aspirations of young minds.

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