Airbus Join Made in Group to Back Britain in Walsall

17th May 2022


Leading aerospace company, known for pioneering sustainable aerospace – Airbus, have been showing their support for the Backing Britain initiative from Made in Group. The OEM company joined the trade association for the launch of the Backing Britain online exhibition at their live networking event in Walsall, which saw over 80 manufacturing decision makers in attendance. Graham Davidson, Industrial Architect at Airbus was a speaker. As an ‘Innovation Active’ company it is important for Made in Group to ensure its members are ahead of the curve when it comes to digital capabilities and upcoming trends within the sector. The Backing Britain 3.0 exhibition encourages manufacturers to utilise selling in a digital format by showcasing their skills with the use of 3D factory tours of their facilities. With the world’s eyes on the manufacturing sectors around the world to be net-zero by 2050, online exhibiting is an inevitable concept.

Believers in sustainable manufacturing and the adoption of digital twins, Airbus were delighted to be part of the Backing Britain exhibition. In 2020 Richard Franklin, UK Managing Director of Airbus Defence, joined as a speaker at the first Backing Britain online exhibition via the ‘Zoom’ seminar area. Richard discussed how Airbus continue to Back Britain in their everyday operations and their highly anticipated project solar orbiter. The video of Richard’s presentation is still available via The Made in Group’s Youtube Channel. In 2022, the company was happy to support again providing Mark Bentall Head of R&T Programme at Airbus as a speaker for the event. Whilst Mark’s foreword was featured in the book, unfortunately he couldn’t make the event in Walsall on 26th April in the end. However, still eager to support, Airbus sent Graham Davidson – esteemed Industrial Architect for Airbus. In Mark’s foreword on behalf of Airbus for the Backing Britain 3.0 show guide, he said:

“Airbus is delighted to support Backing Britain 3. Facing huge geopolitical uncertainties, there has never been a more important time to bring together the UK manufacturing and engineering communities.”

You can catch Graham’s speech on Made Talks, the official knowledge hub for the Backing Britain 3.0 exhibition by heading to In his speech, Graham discusses how Airbus utilises digital twins for aircraft production and the company’s mission to produce a net-zero aircraft.

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