Tata establishes global digital infrastructure for Jaguar Land Rover

12th January 2024


Tata Communications is linking 128 global sites of the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) with a Cloud-first, software-defined network capability.

Tata will implement a digital architecture that allows JLR to improve vehicle build quality through real-time data diagnosis from production lines. This network capability will facilitate AI adoption, providing predictive risk management to minimise manufacturing disruptions.

JLR, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, is keen to secure its digital transformation and set the stage for Industry 4.0 and analytics.

This collaboration will support the production of JLR’s vehicles and lay the groundwork for the next stage of the organisation’s digital transformation.

Tata Communications will roll out its Cloud-first, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology, connecting all of JLR’s 128 sites globally. This worldwide connectivity, linking JLR’s global headquarters with its plants, warehouses, sales centres, data centres, and Cloud services, is expected to enhance supply chain efficiency and security.

The transformation will enable JLR to integrate AI-powered, real-time data capture, monitoring, and analysis to boost production line performance. By implementing predictive risk management controls, the car manufacturer will more effectively identify potential irregularities, driving efficiencies and ensuring vehicle quality build.

Moreover, this partnership will reduce the time needed to upgrade manufacturing processes, strengthen operational resilience, and increase agility to meet production demands. JLR anticipates cost savings and business benefits through scale and security. Tata has already begun the network transformation programme and aims to complete the deployment by 2025.

JLR’s group chief information officer Tony Battle commented: “This is an exciting phase in the digital transformation of our business, leveraging the technologies and capabilities of Tata Communications that will advance our networks into the future. Moving to SD-WAN means we can use AI powered automation to predict vulnerabilities, proactively intervene, prevent issues and perform more effectively on a global scale across our network. The cutting-edge connectivity platform will assist us in building the world-class ecosystem required to deliver modern luxury vehicles and remarkable driving experiences.”

Sumeet Walia, Tata Communications’ executive vice president, added: “JLR represents a global benchmark for automotive luxury and innovation. As the industry rapidly evolves, it’s an exciting time to further strengthen our relationship and support its digital transformation strategy. Tata Communications is deploying a digital fabric, comprising our agile infrastructure, platforms and managed services, that will integrate JLR’s systems, workforce, suppliers, stakeholders and customers globally, delivering a seamless flow of data to enrich key aspects of the business ecosystem. This partnership will also advance our combined commitment to sustainability, as we join forces with JLR to digitally transform the production line of their next-generation vehicles.”

JLR and Tata have a longstanding partnership. Tata’s Move platform facilitates connected car options, powering the infotainment and telematics platforms in over 600,000 JLR vehicles with seamless connectivity across more than 100 markets.


Source: https://industrialnews.co.uk/tata-establishes-global-digital-infrastructure-for-jaguar-land-rover/


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