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We understand the importance of HSQE and on time delivery to the rail industry.

That is why we are providing quality solutions aimed at improving health and safety, quality and productivity. In making these improvements our clients benefit from reduced operating costs and increased profit.

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of production support equipment.  We have been established since 1947 and have continually re-invented our offering to suit the changes of industry and market opportunities.

Let us help you achieve your operational goals…

We have completed many successful projects for a number of clients in the rail sector:

Have you been affected by Covid-19?

As social distancing remains, the rail industry faces a number of challenges in all areas, from manufacturing and maintenance to operators.

We have designed a number of solutions to support, allowing personnel to continue work as normal as possible, while still maintaining social distancing, and reducing the spread of infection.

Products include: 

  • Safety Screens (Workshop and Desk partitioning).
  • Driver/Passenger Shields
  • Safe Screening Equipment
  • Automatic Temperature Checking

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We know that in some cases it is impossible to maintain 2m apart at all times, that is why we are manufacturing Protective screens to provide a physical safety barrier between staff in the workplace.

Our range of screens includes:

  • Workshop screens-Both Standard and custom, designed to suit requirements.
  • Desk Screens- Standard ‘drop-on’ screens and custom, designed to suit requirements.

Train Cab Screens

Train Cab screens

We understand that it is becoming exceptionally challenging to control increased passenger flows on trains as social distancing measures remain in place. To support, we have designed vehicle screens that provide a physical protective barrier on the train. Originally developed to separate driver from passengers, this design can be developed to suit requirements. Safe distancing can be maintained even in enclosed areas. The recently developed train cab screen has been designed to fit the cab of the train, and allow training to commence in a safe environment.

All screens are designed to fit the vehicle, whether that may be car, van or train. 


Safely Screen staff as they arrive to work with the Health Station.

The screen provides a barrier between personnel with a small access point for measuring temperatures. A simple yet effective solution to catch any signs of infection early, and preventing the spread of infection.


The Sanitiser Stand provides easy access to hand sanitiser from both inside and outside of buildings. Placed next to entrances to effectively remove germs from hands before making contact with doors, this reduces the chance of spreading any infections that may be present.

An effective solution to be placed within train stations and other workplaces. 

Temperature Checking

The Handheld Fever Screening Camera provides a safe method of measuring employee temperatures before entering site, catching any sign of infection early and help to reduce spread of infection. Use along with the Health Station for maximum protection.

Automatic Temperature Checking

Temperature Station- Automatic Checking-Fast Deployment Option 

Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. High efficiency and high accuracy, thus allowing screening of large numbers of people at a time.


We have supported the Rail Industry with a range of bespoke solutions, aimed at improving quality, productivity and health & safety,

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