Bobsled Training Sled for Bobsleigh Skeleton

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Client required a number of bobsleds that could be used for multiple purposes. The training sleds needed to be transported across the country to open days at universities and used to provide budding students an introduction to Bobsleigh Skeleton. They also needed to be used for training exercises for athletes.



We designed and manufactured a 2m long sled. The sled was designed to be light enough to transport but strong enough to do the job. The sled has the functionality to adjust the height of the handles and add more weight, increasing the amount of strength required to push it. The handles can also be removed for transportation.



Why do Bobsleigh Skeleton teams required training sleds, and why do they come to Acres?

Acres have teamed up with a number of Bob Sled teams in the past, and have worked alongside teams and coaches to develop high quality products. Training sleds in bobsleigh and skeleton serve as essential tools for skill development, safety, technique refinement, and physical conditioning, making them a vital part of an athlete’s training regimen:

  1. Skill Development and Practice: Training sleds allow athletes to practice and develop their skills without the full intensity and risk associated with competition sleds. This is particularly important for beginners who are learning the basics of steering and controlling the sled.
  2. Safety: Training sleds are often designed to be more stable and forgiving than competition sleds. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, especially during the initial stages of learning or when trying out new techniques.
  3. Cost and Durability: High-performance competition sleds can be quite expensive due to their advanced materials and design. Training sleds are often more durable and less expensive to maintain, making them a more practical option for regular practice sessions.
  4. Technique Refinement: Even experienced athletes use training sleds to refine their techniques. These sleds can be adjusted or modified to focus on specific aspects of the ride, such as steering or stability, allowing athletes to improve their skills in a controlled environment.
  5. Physical Conditioning: Training sleds can be used for physical conditioning. Athletes can focus on building the strength and endurance required for the sport without the additional stress of high-speed runs.
  6. Track Familiarisation: New tracks or conditions can be intimidating and dangerous. Training sleds allow athletes to familiarise themselves with the track layout, ice conditions, and specific turns at a slower, more manageable speed.


Project REF: AD-2293-2023-05-1 / 11890-P1

Acres manufacture lots of custom equipment for Bobsleigh Skeleton. Effective handling and storage of bobsled equipment are crucial for both the longevity of the equipment and the success of the team, as it ensures that the sled and gear are in the best possible condition for training and competition. Equipment includes:

  1. Sled Dolly or Sled Stand: A sled dolly or stand is used to move the bobsled around when it’s not on the ice. This equipment allows for easier transport of the sled to and from the track, and during maintenance or storage.
  2. Transport Trailer Boxes: Bobsleds are often transported to different tracks in specialized trailers. These trailers are designed to protect the sleds during transit and are equipped with secure fastenings to keep the sleds stable.
  3. Toolboxes and Maintenance Kits: Teams carry toolboxes and maintenance kits for sled repairs and adjustments. These kits include tools for working on runners, brakes, and other sled components.
  4. Storage Covers: Sled covers are used to protect the bobsled from dust, moisture, and damage when not in use. These covers are usually tailored to fit the sled snugly.
  5. Padding and Protective Materials: During transport and storage, padding and other protective materials are used to prevent damage to the sled, especially the more delicate parts like the runners and aerodynamic surfaces.
  6. Racking Systems: In storage facilities, racking systems may be used to store multiple sleds efficiently and securely.
  7. Lifting Equipment: For handling heavier parts of the sled or the sled as a whole, mechanical lifting equipment may be used, especially in professional team settings.

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