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Manufacture a solution to provide safe and organised assembly of cable looms. The solution must allow the operator to route, protect and support cables. Cable management during manufacturing processes can be challenging, but Acres solution ensures that users have an efficient process. This solution was manufactured for the rail sector.

Cable Trays are designed to support various cables including power, data and communication. They help to protect cables from damage and environmental factors such as moisture and dust as well as making it easier to install, maintain and identify specific cables. Common types of Cable Trays include:

  1. Ladder Cable Trays: These are made of two side rails connected by rungs to form a ladder-like structure. They provide excellent ventilation and are suitable for heavy cables.
  2. Solid Bottom Cable Trays: These trays have a solid, enclosed bottom, providing additional protection for cables and a clean appearance.
  3. Wire Mesh Cable Trays: These trays consist of wire mesh grids and are lightweight and cost-effective. They offer good ventilation and are commonly used in less demanding environments.
  4. Channel Cable Trays: These have a U-shaped design and are well-suited for smaller cable bundles or single cables.

A dedicated trolley is used for transporting and installing Cable Trays. This setup reduces the number of trolleys needed relative to the trays, enhancing floor space utilisation. The trolleys are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of cable tray installation, ensuring safer handling of long sections that might otherwise be challenging or unsafe.

This particular design of Cable Tray Trolleys features ball transfer units, facilitating the easy sliding and positioning of Cable Trays onto the Trolleys. By minimising friction, it ensures smooth movement and precise alignment during installation.

The Cable Trays also include mesh detailing, which not only improves visibility but also enhances ventilation.




Cable Trolley Cable Trolley


Cable Tray

Project REF: AD-2290-2023-05-1

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