Cantrail Storage Rack


Are you looking for an industrial solution to support with heavy-load components? You’ve come to the right place! Our rigorous support solutions, securely maintain the weight of heavy-load components at an ergonomic height. Allowing operators to feel safe and comfortable whilst handling heavy-loads.

Cantrail Storage Rack

The Cantrail Storage Rack was an enquiry Acres received by a client in the Rail Industry. Their specification was for us to manufacture a storage stand to support Cantrails to allow them to be easily accessible.

To prevent the Cantrails from slipping, the design features inner-angled support arms fixed with heavy-duty PE300 plastic. Providing complete accessibility, the non-restrictive design allows operators to easily load and unload components.

Cantrail Rack

Do you want to protect the longevity of equipment? By utilising this industrial storage rack, you can manage how equipment is handled and prevent them from being damaged. Also, operators can comfortably hoist equipment from the rack at an ergonomic height.

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Project REF: AD-2235-2023-01-1

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