Corner Section Rocker Rack

Drawing Number: AD-700-2015-04


Corner Section Rocker Rack – REF 2015-03-11530

Project Scope:
Manufacture Part Hanger Flow Rack to drawing produced by Acres. Drawing produced from specification provided by TMUK.
At the start of the frame the rails need to be raised enough for the parts to flow down 17mtrs of rail as this rack will be joining to a previous rack supplied by Acres Engineering. The raised rails need to be reachable by the engineer and the hangers guided. Acres Engineering will design this so that the rails are reachable by the engineer who will then push the hangers up a raised rail before they hit their submit to take the natural flow, the engineer will be required to walk no further than ½mtr into the racking system as this could then become a health & safety issue.

The Flow Rack contains 4 off flow rails (2 off for feed and 2 off for return), the rails are designed with an incline/ decline depending on the flow.

This corner section of the rack has been manufactured to join two racking systems that have previously been manufactured by Acres Engineering. The rack is required to curve around a 65 degrees corner to create space within the plastics area, this is due to TMUK work loads increasing, and will enable the best utilisation of the space available.

Manufactured from 40mm box section for the outer frame work with foot plates so the frame can be fixed to the floor once in position, the rails have been manufactured from 25mm diameter circular tube, there is also a 2mm steel dust stop on the inside of the frame at ground level.

The whole frame has a PVC cover, covering all sides and end (to stop dust and dirt coming into contact with the plastic components) the covers are to be attached using tie wraps on the main frame and will be fitted with 40mm eyes on the end covers which will slide across a Ø25mm rail acting like a curtain.

The Flow Rack is manufactured in modules and extra bays can be added on at a later date to make the rails longer if required.

Quantity Required: 1

Approximate size: ?mm (L) x 1500mm (W) x 3000mm (H)

Acres Number: AD-700-2015-04


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