Fan Disc Protector Trolley

Drawing Number: AD-754-2015-08


Fan Disc Protector Trolley – REF 2015-06-11753

Manufacture Build pack 43 Transport Trolley to drawing 2012-08-9541

The main framework of the trolleys have been manufactured from 25mm x 25mm box section and 25mm x 25mm angle for the 6 x off drawer runners.

The outside of the unit has been fitted with 1.5mm thick mild steel panels. The door consists of an angle frame fitted with clear polycarbonate which allows full visibility of the parts inside the unit.

The design features 6 off drawers that are fabricated from 6mm thick polyethylene sheet that have been profile cut on a CNC punch, folded and welded. The polyethylene provides a non-metal to metal contact to all components.

Bottom – top
Drawer 1 – 400mm Deep (I/S) for Trent 900 fan disc protector parts
Drawer 2 – 250mm Deep (I/S) for XWB fan disc protector parts
Drawer 3 – 250mm Deep (I/S) for Trent 1000 fan disc protector parts
Drawer 4 – 200mm Deep (I/S) for Trent 700 fan disc protector parts
Drawer 5 – Increase approx. 20mm from original 2012-09-9541/6265
Drawer 6 – The difference to top.

The trolley has been assembled with 4 off 125mm castors with blue elastic tyres and black plastic centres, 2 off swivel with brakes and 2 off fixed castors enable the unit to be manoeuvred, it also features fork lift truck pockets for lifting.

Quantity Required: 1

Approximate overall size- 1735mm (H) x 1100mm (D) x 1100mm (W).

Acres Number: AD-754-2015-08


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