Creeper Trolley


Do you need a solution to help with the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment?

Acres Engineering could have the product for you! Our Creeper Trolleys are designed to allow a person to slide and roll comfortably under heavy equipment whilst, performing a maintenance task.

Creeper Trolleys are low-profile, wheeled platforms with padded surfaces designed for professionals who need to work underneath machinery or vehicles. They typically have small caster wheels that provide mobility and manoeuvrability.

Here are some industries known to use Creeper Trolleys:

  1. Automotive Repair Shops: Creeper trolleys are a staple in auto repair facilities where mechanics use them to access the underside of vehicles for tasks such as oil changes, brake repairs, and exhaust work.
  2. Garages: DIY enthusiasts often use creeper trolleys for working on their own cars and trucks in home garages.
  3. Industrial Maintenance: In industrial settings, maintenance personnel use creeper trolleys for servicing and repairing heavy machinery, conveyor systems, and other equipment.
  4. Aerospace Maintenance: Aircraft mechanics use creeper trolleys for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining aircraft systems, especially in areas with limited access.
  5. Railroad Maintenance: Railroad workers may use creeper trolleys to access and inspect the undercarriages of trains and other rail equipment.
  6. Heavy Equipment Maintenance: Maintenance and repair of construction and mining equipment, as well as agricultural machinery, often require the use of creeper trolleys.
  7. Boat and Marine Maintenance: Creeper trolleys can be used for work beneath boats and ships during maintenance and repair tasks.
  8. Machine Shops: In metalworking and machining environments, creeper trolleys provide access to machinery for repairs and maintenance.

Creeper Trolley

In various industries, Creeper Trolleys provide several important advantages and functions. This solution, increases accessibility to hard-to-reach areas whilst, supplying an ergonomic and controlled surface for operators, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Improved access and comfort contribute to working with better precision and increased productivity.

Our Creeper Trolleys are loaded tested to a SWL of 150kg. The frame is powder coated to the RAL colour of your choice providing a durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish. The seat consists of three materials – PVC, Vinyl and Leatherette. The leather material has a medium grain appearance whilst also being heavy duty and fire retardant.

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Membrane Trolley

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