Powered Rolling Rotor Stands


Acres Engineering has designed and manufactured a series of working Rolling Rotor Stands in different shapes and sizes with diverse functionalities.

In industrial settings particularly Aerospace and Power Generation, Rolling Rotor Stands are used during the maintenance and inspection of turbine rotors. They provide a secure and ergonomic platform for turbine rotors. These Stands help to streamline productivity, increase ergonomics and improve accessibility.

We can manufacture the Rotor Stands with adjustable rollers to allow for variable diameters (150mm – 500 mm.) They can be supplied to a different powder coat RAL colour and additional features such as document pockets, whiteboards or process indicators.

  1. Material Handling:
    • Conveyor Systems: Heavy-duty powered rollers are often used in conveyor systems to transport materials and products within manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.
    • Pallet Handling: They can move pallets of goods, making it easier to load and unload trucks or move products within a warehouse.
    • Assembly Lines: Powered rollers can be integrated into assembly lines to facilitate the movement of workpieces or components during the manufacturing process.
  2. Warehousing and Distribution:
    • Sorting and Diverting: Heavy-duty rollers can be used for sorting and diverting items onto different conveyor lines based on predetermined criteria, such as size, weight, or destination.
    • Accumulation: They can create accumulation zones where products accumulate temporarily before moving downstream, allowing for smooth material flow.
  3. Manufacturing:
    • Machining and Processing: In manufacturing processes, powered rollers can assist in moving heavy workpieces through various machining or processing stations.
    • Welding and Fabrication: They are useful for moving large metal sheets or components during welding, fabrication, or other metalworking processes.
  4. Automotive Industry:
    • Vehicle Assembly: Powered rollers are essential in automotive assembly lines to move car bodies, chassis, and other components down the line for assembly.
    • Tire Production: They can be used in tire manufacturing to transport and manipulate large rolls of rubber.
  5. Mining and Construction:
    • Bulk Material Handling: In industries like mining and construction, heavy-duty rollers can transport bulk materials such as rocks, gravel, or ores.
    • Earthmoving Equipment: Powered rollers may be used in equipment like bulldozers and excavators to move heavy materials or assist with digging and excavation.
  6. Aerospace:
    • Aircraft Manufacturing: In the aerospace industry, powered rollers help transport large aircraft components through the manufacturing process, such as fuselage sections or wings.
  7. Food and Beverage:
    • Food Processing: Powered rollers are utilized in food processing facilities for moving heavy ingredients or finished products, such as crates of food items or containers.
  8. Agriculture:
    • Harvesting and Processing: In agriculture, they can be employed for moving harvested crops, such as fruits or vegetables, from the field to processing or packaging areas.
  9. Energy and Utilities:
    • Renewable Energy: In renewable energy projects, heavy-duty rollers can be used for transporting and positioning large components like wind turbine blades or solar panels.
  10. Paper and Printing:
    • Paper Handling: In paper mills and printing facilities, they help move large paper rolls, sheets, or printed materials during production and packaging.

Powered Rolling Rotor Stands

Heavy-duty powered rollers are versatile and can be customized to suit specific industrial needs, making them a valuable asset in various sectors where the efficient handling of heavy loads is essential.

This specific design of the Rolling Rotor Stands are capable of withstanding heavy loads and feature compressed cast nylon rollers, injected with resin for high impact and abrasion resistance. Further providing a smoother and quieter operation.

Each Powered Rolling Rotor Stand is load tested to give a SWL of 5 tonnes allowing up to a 10-tonne rotor over the 2 units. The dial-operated variable speed control on this device allows for adjustable settings, presenting the ability to easily change the speed of operation.

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