Hood Parts Stillage


Is your current resolution to store and transport Hood Parts inefficient? Our innovative solutions can support you to manoeuvre components around factories and create compact, visual storage.

Hood Parts Stillages.

Hood Part Stillages are an easily accessible storage solution allowing for trouble-free loading and unloading of Hood Parts. Whilst the compressed and stackable design maximizes floor space, the Stillages can also be safely transported by Forklift to transfer internal components around manufacturing processes.

Internal components can be visually managed to monitor the protection of Hood Parts during transportation and whilst being stored. You can be rest-assured that the Stillage uses foam-pads to prevent internal components from metal-to-metal contact and are secured in location.

Our innovative solutions are not only designed to be function but to be beneficial. By investing in organisation and structure, you can increase operator productivity and morale. Employees will more than likely want to progress within a well-structured environment as they will feel comfortable and productive.

Automotive stillages for hood parts

Working within the Automotive Manufacturing Industry and think you could utilize this solution? Send your enquiry below! Although, our products are widely adaptable and we can help Industries from Aerospace, Rail, Energy and much more!

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Project REF: AD-2007-2021-08-3

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