IBR FOD Reducing Rack

Drawing Number: AD-375-2014-02

A new robust rack designed exclusively by Acres for ITP company logo, designed to be accessible, rigid and strong.


A new robust rack designed and made by Acres Engineering with the company logo is designed to be accessible, rigid and strong.

The frame has a laser cut top panel with cut out squares preventing a build-up of FOD whilst allowing accessibility for a toolbox to be stored.

Each shelf has a unique design and purpose making the rack completely accessible, the top shelf is inset by 20mm, creating a small edge around the unit reducing the risk of items falling off. In a similar style to the top shelf to the top shelf, the draws have been laser cut with relevant mounting holes, designed with rigidity and strength – reducing the risk of FOD. In addition to this, the drawers are assembled with high quality, heavy duty drawer slides delivering an 80% extension.

The draw slides have a built-in safety mechanism, commonly found on most projects and have been deemed highly successful. The mechanism allows the operator to hold down the latch whilst opening or closing the drawer.

This particular design also offers the option to be bolted down in order to reduce the risk incidents and disruptions in the workplace. The mounting plates have been positioned inwards, which also reduces the risk of a trip hazard.

Through this design Acres have achieved not only another accessible piece of equipment. But, have created a durable and safe piece of equipment reducing hazards in the workplace.


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