Information Board- Storage Cabinet


Could your workforce benefit from an efficient 2-in-1 solution? The Information Board- Storage Cabinet is a versatile product allowing operators to visibly access information. Whilst, creating space to store documentation.

Manufactured to be lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, the Information Board- Storage Cabinet ensures employees have convenient access to communication. Its compact design allows it to be easily stored away, using minimal floor space. However, the internal compartment increases the capacity to store and manage inventory.

The Information Board- Storage Cabinet is a simple yet, effective design. Enabling operators to utilise each section simultaneously. With the use of magnets, notices can be posted to panels making them easily visible to those intended. Your employees can never miss out on information again, keeping them updated and motivated.

Information Board- Storage Cabinet

Although the Information Board- Storage Cabinet had been intended to file documents or stationary, it can be widely adaptable for other solutions. The vast, internal cavity could be used to store cleaning supplies. Whilst, the notice board can display lists, actions or reminders.

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5s Workstation

Project REF: AD-1586-2018-12-3

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