Mobile Circular Assembly Table


Are you looking for a solution for the flexibility and adaptability of production processes? Why not explore how Acres Engineering can assist? We designed the Mobile Circular Assembly Table for an Aerospace Engine Manufacturer, to provide a designated workspace to carry out tasks.

Circular-shaped tables are valuable for tasks that involve working on equipment from all angles. The ergonomic design ensures operators avoid excessive stretching, reaching or twisting. Alternatively, operators can position themselves in a way that promotes their comfort and encourages natural movement around the table.

Mobile Circular Assembly Table

There is no need for your workforce to operate in fixed setups, operators can easily access components without the need for repositioning, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Mobile circular tables can also fit in tight or irregularly shaped areas to maximize the efficient utilization of available space.

The Mobile Circular Assembly Table is engineered to remain stable ensuring tools and equipment endure sturdiness; allowing operators to achieve precise results.

Project REF: AD-2329-2023-07-1

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