Modular Training Pod System

Drawing Number: AD-2446-2024-01-2



Design and manufacture a modular training solution to kit out a large training facility providing apprentices and learners the best equipment to develop and master their skills. The training pods allow for a multitude of training activities to take place in a temporary area or short term location. The manoeuvrability allows training operators to have a flexible training area and change it up to suit different courses or cohorts.

Acres training pods can be fitted out to suit different types of learning, for example: plumbing, carpentry, electrical installations.

If you are setting up a training area, developing a training environment or working with apprentices then a custom training pod could be for you.



JLT Training Pods

Project REF: AD-2446-2024-01-2 / 12441-P1



Modular training equipment is crucial due to its versatility, space efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It allows for a broad range of activities to be taught with a single piece of equipment, accommodating different skills, which is particularly useful in space-constrained environments. Additionally, the adaptability of the Acres training pods enable lots of customisation enhancing safety and training effectiveness. Modular equipment can also be expanded with additional modules as user needs evolve, making it a scalable option. Furthermore, its design facilitates easy transitions between taught modules.


Training empowers individuals and organisations to meet their objectives, adapt to changes, uphold safety standards, and enhance overall effectiveness and satisfaction.

  1. Skill Development: Training is crucial for acquiring new skills and enhancing existing ones, providing a structured approach for development.
  2. Performance Improvement: In professional settings, training enhances employee competence and productivity by improving efficiency and performance.
  3. Safety: Training is vital in professions that involve physical labor, healthcare, or machinery, as it ensures safe equipment handling and minimises accident risks.
  4. Career Advancement: Training leads to qualifications and certifications necessary for career progression, preparing individuals for more significant roles and responsibilities.
  5. Adaptability: Training helps individuals and organisations stay current with technological and societal changes, maintaining competitiveness and relevance.
  6. Confidence Building: It equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, boosting confidence and improving decision-making and leadership abilities.
  7. Personal Satisfaction and Growth: Training can lead to personal fulfillment and increased life satisfaction by providing opportunities for learning and growth.
  8. Social Interaction and Networking: Training environments offer opportunities for socializing and networking, enhancing social skills and providing professional opportunities.


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