Picking & Handling Trolley

Picking & Handing Trolley.


Looking for a solution to transport equipment? Our efficient resolutions allow you to safely manoeuvre and easily load/ unload equipment.

Picking and Handling Trolleys are a perfect versatile solution to safely store and transfer heavy loads, equipment or boxes across the production line. Don’t worry about wear and tear, Powder Coating is a hard-wearing barrier protecting the trolley from corrosion and damage. Also, fixed with elastic tyre wheels creating rolling resistance, particularly for uneven surfaces indoors or outdoors. Featuring an A4 document pocket to visibly display instructions, increasing operator productivity.

document pocket holder

Don’t carry the weight of an ineffective process; efficient open-end trolleys allow ergonomic and easy access to components and can improve how tasks are undertaken.

Our versatile storage solutions can be effectively utilised to handle and transport components and equipment around industrial, commercial and production facilities. Below is a great example of how our trolleys can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Put Away Location Bin Trolleys

Project REF: AD-1896-2021-02-1

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