Plate Transport Trolleys

Plate Transport Trolleys.


Are you facing challenges with loading and unloading? Acres Engineering can help! Our solutions are safe and functional to meet all of your requirements. Whether unloading from a conveyor belt or loading onto a truck, we have a solution for you.

The Plate Transport Trolley was a specific design to efficiently push plates directly on and off an existing conveyor section using ball transfer units. Our solution allows operators to speed up productivity by loading and unloading a high volume of plates quickly and easily. Plate Transport Trolleys can be positioned and manoeuvred alongside production lines, making them user-friendly.

Blue trolley arms with wheels Blue and yellow trolley

Whilst being functional, Plate Transport Trolleys are a safe and ergonomic solution. Considering as many operator heights, the design was to assemble the trolleys so the lowest level could be reached with as little strain whilst, there would be no overhead lifting.

Working in Aerospace, Automotive or Rail? With adaptations to this design, it could easily be utilised by your company to support body panels and much more.

Looking for something to support with loading and unloading externally? Check out the Wax Runner Kitting Transportation Trolley.

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Wax Runner Kitting B Transportation Trolley

Project REF: AD-1923-2021-03-2

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