Radial Arm & Gearbox Support

Radial Arm & Gearbox Support

Designed to support the maneuver of the radial arm & gearbox during a full wheel repair


We received an order from our client in the Rail Industry to deliver a solution that would support the maneuver of the radial arm and gearbox during a full wheel repair.

The issue being that their previous product was not precisely designed, inconvenient and too cumbersome as it required two operators to use. They needed an improved device that would be specifically engineered for its purpose.

Our Solution:

Our expert designers redesigned a variation of the product to suit their needs. We rebuilt the support system out of aluminum which reduces the overall weight of the product and as a result means that it can be handled by one user. A lighter device that can be handled by one user promotes a smooth process to the operation of a full wheel repair and allows for the remaining man power to be utilised elsewhere, saving time and costs. This Radial Arm & Gearbox Support is precisely designed to sit on the track and under the wheels to move the gearbox out of place which prepares space for the repair to be a great deal more accessible.

We can make custom orders for specific repairs, just like this one, for any industry. Please get in touch to see how we can reduce your investment costs and create custom solutions when setting up for new product manufacturing.

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Project REF: AD-1875-2020-11-1

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