Material Hoist Trolley

Material Hoist Trolley

To support the loading material rolls for conveyor belts.


We received an order from our client in the warehouse and logistics industry to deliver a solution that would support the loading of material rolls onto stands in preparation for conveyor belt use.

Their process was previously limited by the man power they had to lift the weight of the rolls, at 250kg, this was certainly not an easy procedure and needing optimising.

Our Solution:

At Acres Engineering we engineered a Trolley that meticulously loads the material on and off of the stand for the conveyor belt. It accurately  drives the material perpendicular to the stand. This is an effective solution that advances their system due to a reduction in unnecessary man power. The Material Hoist Trolley provides an efficient way to increase productivity within their warehouse and reduce the potential for any health and safety risks.

This creatively engineered solution can be manipulated for use in any industry where material is fixed on a spindle. We have also created trolleys for various industries such as the Automotive and EV industry.

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Project REF: AD-1895-2021-01-1

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