Large Toolchest

– Manual Locking – 6 Drawers


This large stainless steel toolchest is suited for tough conditions. It provides organised storage for tools with precise clear cut foam inlays and with 6 draws, there is substantial capacity for equipment to be ordered into multiple categories. Equipped with high security locks for extra protection.

Our client experienced an issue where the toolchest, after being sent out on site, would then come back with missing tools and in a disordered state. This resulted in extra tool replacement fees for the company. Our design delivers a robust and formative solution to this problem. Every tool is easily located in its own position within the foam inlays which makes it easy to return equipment in it’s place after being used and this therefore reduces the tool replacement costs. The chest is built to bring straightforward access for cranes and fork lifts which makes it an ideal option to be used in all locations.

This work bench has considerable capabilities to be utilized in numerous industries. Fitted on top of the chest is a functioning work bench and with customisable draw configurations, it is capable of supporting any industry where tools are essential.


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Project REF: AD-1256-2017-04-2

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