Batteries Modules Trolleys



Acres were required to design and manufacture Trolleys to allow the safe transportation of the modules of the BEV and PHEV batteries.  This trolley was developed to transport the new batteries for the Land rovers, however there were several variants of modules, with the same profile but different lengths. Acres developed a diverse solution, by incorporating adjustable clamps, one trolley can accommodate all variations. This solution kept the costs as minimal as possible, as there was no need to have multiple trolleys.


There were various key success factors to adhere to ensure the product meets the customers’ requirements. By including plastic contact points, we eliminated metal to metal contact. Manoeuvrability was enhanced with 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors, with 65 Shora A rubber tyres, we ensured the trolley can run smooth.  Mounting brackets were added to the design to ensure that this product can integrate with Tugs that are currently on-site. Having conducted a FEA simulation and physical load test, we confidently delivered this product to the client, to ensure this trolley can handle the suitable weight.


Acres can design and manufacture a custom trolley that can be bespoke for your requirements. We can standardize features and ensure the product is fit for purpose.


Project REF: AD-1723-2019-11-1 / 9840-P1



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