Base Trolley Stillage

Base Trolley Stillage.

Trusted to protect body panels of a supercar.


Do you loathe trying to access large body panels and parts? Are you excusing your current problems as tolerable? You shouldn’t have to endure the discomfort and struggles of accessibility, that’s why we receive enquiries every day to innovate REAL solutions that allow visibility management, efficient transportation and much more!

A client in the Supercar industry enquired for us to design a solution that would be easily transportable and accessible for the painting of body panels from a supercar.

Not only did we do this but, we designed a sustainable product by maximizing the use of this equipment with bolting racks on each corner to allow the developed custom parts to be bolted to the trolley so it is future-proof.


We also ensure our products are 100% safe for operation. Stacking feet and 200mm diameter heavy-duty wheels have been fixed to support the stacking of up to three units.

This product provides foam part locators to avoid any damage to the panels; also preventing the stillage to be too noisy due to the parts being supported on plastic. The convenient design supplies accessible loading and unloading on the stillage that can be done without any sequencing.

We are the solution provider you can trust to get the job correct first-time! Our fabulous designers, sales, and production team will keep regular contact throughout every process of your order. Delivering you excellence! If you’re interested in enquiring about this product, click the button below.

Project REF: AD-1889-2021-01-1

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