Universal Base Trolley (UBT)



This universal base trolley (UBT) designed specifically for a clients requirements allows a range of different stillages to be manoeuvred around the production facility.

The UBT manoeuvred using master mover electric tug which can be supplied by Acres (https://www.mastermover.com/). The master movers can be connected at end end of the UBT.

The locating pins ensure that the stillage is secured onto the UBT, and the frame work incorporates a mechanism that allows it to easily dock into the line side docking stations. This ensures that the parts located on the stillages are presented in exactly the right offload position. The UBT is secured in the docking station by a simple spring bolt. The client required each UBT to have a certified SWL 1400kg which was the total load of the heaviest fully laden stillage.

Utilising UBT’s can deliver efficiency savings and footprint reductions to your production environment. Especially where stillages are in off site loop cycles within the supply chain.

This solution allows clients to have an increased stillage to UBT ratio, this reduces cost and reduces future maintenance requirements.

Acres can design and manufacture a custom UBT specific to your requirements, delivering these benefits to your production environment.


Project REF: AD-1897-2021-02-1 / 10644-P1



Feedback – Dhaval, McLaren Automotive Ltd

Service: 10
Quality: 10
Lead Time: 10
Functionality: 10
Communication: 10
Overall Score: 10


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