Vane Racks


The ‘Vane Racks’ have been designed and manufactured for the easy transportation of ‘vanes’ during production.

How does it work?

The racks provide transport line storage of vanes which are loaded at one end. The level and angle of the rails are adjusted so that they naturally flow down to the end of the rack. Here they will then be offloaded and taken on to the next stage.


As seen in the picture:

  • Each rack features 6 lanes/rails, over 3 posts and is installed over a width of 2.7m (as requested by the customer).
  • 2 fences along the side of each rack with a break in between for the gangway and the fences-extended to the edge of the floor plates.
  • The inner floor plates are positioned under the footprint of the rails above to ensure there is no trip hazard on the gangway.
  • The floor plates, barriers and goalposts are powder coated to golden yellow and blue.
  • Overall 200 formed hooks have been manufactured and fitted with rollers to match up with and run within the uni-strut rails.
  • Whiteboard fitted on the end of each post.

These features are based on this recent project. All Sizes and quantities are fully adjustable to suit your requirements.


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