National IT Professionals Day.

20th September 2022


For National IT Professionals Day, we did a Q&A with our external IT specialist. He spoke about his career and the day-to-day tasks involved in his role.

“How did your career start?”

He started his career 18 years ago studying for a degree in Computer Systems Engineering at a local college which was run by Sunderland University. This was his introduction to the science of technology and software development.

“What are your responsibilities at Acres?” 

His work with Acres comprises managing internal systems and navigating enquiries from staff. Much of this knowledge comes from a broad knowledge of IT and skills that have been self-taught since leaving further education.

“How did you support the company during the Pandemic?”

Many businesses were impacted during the pandemic of 2020. Working from home became popular and directors had to think on their feet to keep their companies afloat. Acres were well placed for off-site working during Covid because we have continual investments in ICT; including learning about the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and configuring systems for cloud infrastructure.

“What ideas do you have that Acres could implement?”

For many, mainly everything we now do is digital. Acres are no different, however, we’d prefer to go paperless more often. As a result, we are constantly exploring new features and tools to make this possible and slowly phase out any old paper-based processes wherever possible.

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