Carousel Racking

Carousel Racking.

Designed for the storage of fixings.


Acres Engineering was approached by a luxury Sports Car company to design and manufacture Carousel Racking units. The upper support section is three-sided with louvered panels to locate linbins for storing fixings.

Specifications were made between Acres and the client to design an aesthetically pleasing solution that manages storage space. The unit can easily be placed into small spaces and corners providing a safe working environment for your employees.

Fabricating a product from a material that can be greatly recycled cuts out waste and helps your business be sustainable. The units were engineered using Mild Steel as its durability and longevity reduces the requirement for maintenance and has big environmental benefits, making it a fantastic material to use for industrial products.

To increase productivity, this design could be fitted with identification labels so, the fixings are easily identified in their compartment. Not only will it maintain your stock control but, it will also help your employees see where something is housed.

Carousel Racking

The Carousel Racking could widely benefit a variety of industries such as; manufacturing, construction and plumbing. This design could easily be altered to suit your needs, our storage solutions could take the stress of handling small parts and fixings to make your job easier.

Mobile Racking

Project REF: AD-2123-2022-03-1

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