Crossrail Converter Rack

Drawing Number: AD-1068-2016-04


The crossrail converter rack has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based OEM operating within the rail sector.  The client required a location to store 6 large converter rail components which are transported via truck to the site from Europe. The converters will be sat on a wooden pallet during transit and transferred from the truck via a fork lift truck for storage prior to assembly. Due to the size of these components the client designated an outdoor storage location.

The storage rack has been designed to store 3 off crossrail converter units and features 2 off shelves and a position for the 3rd unit to sit underneath. The design features covered sides on all faces aside from the front which features 2 large PVC reinforced textile curtains running along a rail, to allow access to each shelf. In addition, a sloped roof will deter the build-up of rain water. These measures will ensure the converter component is adequately protected from the elements while being stored outside.

The solution features a heavy duty plain carbon steel frame to form the rack and a lighter duty outer frame clad with 0.9mm galvanised sheets. All sheets are overlapped to prevent any water ingress. Each shelf features an aluminium checker plate shelf top and has been constructed to support a 4 Tonne max load.

Due to the size of the storage unit the team opted to design the solution in a number of smaller pre-assembled sections, for assembly on site. This also allowed for a reduction in transportation costs and ensured a powder coat finish could be applied due to restrictions on the overall oven size.

All mild steel components have been powder coated to RAL 1003 Yellow to provide a hard wearing long lasting finish and protect against the elements. The galvanized sheets have been left in a self colour.

The shelves have been load tested to 400kg with uniform load.

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 4800mm (long) x 2550mm (wide) x 3514mm (high)

Quantity required: 2 off units

Acres Reference: AD-1068-2016-04


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