Flow Rack System Hangers


Are you looking for an efficient solution to transport components through manufacturing processes? Take a look at the Flow Rack System Hangers, designed to transfer parts through the client’s department.

Manufactured to be utilized in the Plastics Manufacturing Facility as part of TMUK. The Hangers are attached to the Flow Rack System to manoeuvre panels around different destinations on site.

To create a seamless automation, the solution has been designed at an ergonomic height, preventing health & safety hazards. Fewer injuries achieve an increase in productivity and employee loyalty to a company.

Flow Rack Hanger

Flow Rack Systems maximize floor capacity by utilising free space. Yet, provides a greater and more efficient distribution and transportation system for components.

For businesses looking to generate operational improvements including organisation or compartmentalization in warehouses, factories and shopfloors; the Flow Rack System Hangers are a perfect solution. In contrast to other storage and racking products, Flow Racks can be configured to access and manage stock in a speedier way to save your business time and money.

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Cantrail Storage Rack

Project REF: AD-2247-2023-02-1

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