Front Fender- Body Panel Stillage


Are you looking for a solution that can securely confine body panels of a supercar? Acres Engineering is an established solutions provider and continues to work alongside leading manufacturers within the Automotive Industry.

Front Fender- Body Panel Stillages

Designed for a client in the Automotive Industry, the Front Fender Stillages enclose and protect specific body panels. Whilst, facing challenges to solve how the stillages could secure the body panels; we assessed the best orientation of the panels to ensure it could maximize how many parts could fit internally.

To increase productivity, a reinforced PVC door is attached to Velcro to provide operators with clear visibility of internal components. Fastened handles allow operators to easily detach the PVC door to gain access to the inside.

Featuring, PU material contact points attached to forks to securely accommodate specific body panels. The forks have been designed at an ergonomic height to allow operators to safely load and unload components without injuring themselves.

Body Panel- Front Fender Stillage

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Hood Parts Stillage

Project REF: AD-2133-2022-03-3

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