Pattern Hanger Trolley

Drawing Number: AD-1224-2017-02


Pattern Hanger Trolley – REF 2016-07-12783

Pattern Hanger Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a local Aerospace OEM for use store and transport aerospace components within the NPI department.

The trolley will store and transport approx. 30 off pattern hangers providing a location to hang 30 off wax patterns. To achieve this the unit features two tiers.

The top tier has a 300mm x 700mm surface to store 14 off wax pattern hangers/wax patterns in 2 rows (7 each side).

The bottom layer has a 500mm x 700mm surface to store 16 off wax pattern hangers/wax patters (8 each side).

A conscious effort to keep the two layers as high as possible has been made to ensure the operator does not need to bend over significantly to access the hangers.

The hangers will sit facing outwards from the trolley. Tapered sides provide easy access to the second tier from either side of the trolley.

Bolt holes in the base of the hanger provide a location to secure these down to the trolley surface.

The trolley has been manufactured from 25mm box section and 3mm mild steel sheet for the surface. A 25mm CHS formed handle at one end provides a location to push and pull the trolley. On the base are 4 off 100mm castors, 2 swivel with brake and 2 fixed.

Approx. overall dimensions: 700mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 1080mm (H

Quantity required –1 off

Acres Reference – AD-1224-2017-02




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