Wishbone Universal Stillage


Do you need a solution to efficiently locate small tools and parts? Our easily accessible storage solutions prevent operators from wasting production time to search for components.

Wishbone Universal Stillage

Designed and manufactured for a client in the Supercar Industry. Their specification was for us to innovate a solution that could effectively store Wishbone parts.

Wishbone Stillage Wishbone Stillage

The non-restrictive design creates organised storage space for supplies to allow operators to locate efficiently. The Wishbone Stillage is completely accessible, making it easier and quicker to collect components. Housing equipment to it’s own location, allows you to identify and manage how components are used; to control stock from being damaged, lost or stolen.

Comfortably manoeuvre the stillage around factories and warehouses for efficient access during production. Or, as a compact design, the Wishbone Stillage can also be simply stored away to maximise floor space.

The Wishbone Stillage solution could be easily utilised to reduce the search time an operator uses to find equipment, increasing productivity and employee moral. This solution can be easily utilised for industrial tools and parts or non-industrial purposes to organise document files, cleaning and catering equipment into different storage spaces.

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Project REF: AD-2214-2022-10-1

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