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Hilux Lift Safety Barriers

Hilux Lift Safety Barriers The Hilux Lift Safety Barriers have been designed and manufactured for a midlands based automotive client to stop operators getting to the machine when the machine is running. The main frame of the barriers will be…

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Pallet Stacker Sleeves

Pallet Stacker Sleeves: REF: 2016-11-13140 The pallet stacker sleeves have been designed and manufactured for a large west midlands based automotive OEM. The pallet stacker sleeves are designed to guide and locate the forks on a pallet stacker during the…

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AHU Belt Guards

AHU Belt Guards – Job 7551 The AHU Belt Guards have been designed and manufactured for a midlands based automotive client for use on the Air Handling Units located within the assembly area. The guards have been designed to cover the AHU Drive…

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AD-239-2013-08 – Winding Support Stands – 25 Tonnes

Manufacture Support Stands to carry a SWL of 25 tonnes each. They will be manufactured from 10mm thick mild steel plate and have two channels running through to allow a pallet truck access to move the stands into the required…

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AD-201-2013-07 – Pencil Blast Adjustable Stand

This stand will assist with production planning and resource management by allowing multi height users to operate the pencil blast machine. It will deliver health and safety benefits by giving existing users the ability to adjust and set the height…

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AD-204-2013-07 – Pole Brick Oven Stands

The Stands will safely support the Pole Brick when it is in the oven during the heating process. They will be manufactured from 160mm x 80mm box section with laser cut and rolled supports to suit the radius on the…

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AD-212-2013-07 – Warehouse Steps

The Steps will be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14122 from 40mm x 40mm box section for the base frame and handrail with 25mm x 25mm angle to support the fibreglass anti-slip grating. The handrails will be to the…

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2013-07-10168 – Cable Clamp

Manufacture Cable Clamp to drawing number 3EER 200011-939. Manufacture from Nylon 66 (Black). All sharp edges to be deburred. Approx. size: 96mm x 52mm x 30mm. 1 cable entry hole 35mm, 1 cable entry hole 30mm. 52mm centres. 9mm through…

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AD-149-2013-04 – Fork Lift Barrier

Produce CAD design and manufacture Fork Lift Barrier to drawing number AD-149-2013-04-1 The Barrier will prevent equipment from being hit by fork lift trucks. It will be fabricated from 80mm x 80mm box section and feature bolt down feet. Approximate…

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